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Last updated:

Monday, June 02, 2003


New Equipment/Retail Stores

If you are thinking about buying a new set of clubs then two places to start are the club tests and reviews from:

  Golf Magazine and Golf Digest.

Golf Discount:  I have used this site numerous times and have had very good service.  Never a problem with shipping and a very easy site to navigate.

Edwin Watts:  Another great site with quality equipment, good service and an easy site to navigate.  They also have certified pre-owned golf clubs.

Golfsmith:  Another quality company with good service and good recommendations. No personal experience but have heard good things.


Best Sources for Used Equipment

EBAY:  If you don't know EBAY then you have not lived.  Remember, it's usually an auction so let the buyer beware and read the seller reviews.

Golf Club Exchange:  Different from "Golf Club XChange", this is an auction site focused on golf equipment.  I think the quality of the clubs are a little better because they seem to attract the more serious golfers.  Contains an equipment blue book so you know if you are getting a fair price.

Callaway Pre-owned Golf Clubs:  I don't swing Callaways, therefore, I have never personally used this site.  It does come highly recommended from those who are loyal Callaway players.

Edwin Watts Used:  I have never used the pre-owned portion but have had good success with the new equipment from this store (see above).


Golf Shoes & Golf Grips

For golf shoes and grips try these three hot spots:    or    or